The Benefits of Exercising Indoors

Godeys Ladys Book, Vol XLII, May 1851
Do you feel guilty when you can’t make to to the gym or park to exercise? Or resign yourself to inactivity and weight gain when the weather is bad? Perhaps you haven’t realized that your home is an ideal place to lose weight and stay fit.

You don’t need to buy expensive exercise equipment, though a compact treadmill or bike is a good idea for studio apartments. A workout can consist of anything from pacing a hallway, climbing stairs, waving your arms, or doing squats in front of the TV.

But first of all lets go over some of the advantages of an indoor workout:

  • Time saved – you don’t waste time commuting to a facility or recreational area. Even jogging or walking around your neighborhood require preparations such as changing into an appropriate outfit, putting on socks and shoes, and locking up your house. It is also annoying to have bouncing house keys (whether in your pocket or hung from your neck.
  • The ability to multitask – you can squeeze in a few toning exercises (leg raises, lunges, etc.) or a lap of speed-walking while waiting for water to boil or the microwave to ding. A full aerobic workout or strength training regimen can be done while the baby sleeps or dinner is cooking. Staying in shape shouldn’t take you away from your other responsibilities.
  • Safety – exercising indoors exposes you to fewer dangers (unless your home itself is dangerous) than being outside. You are safe from bad drivers, loose dogs, muggings and assault (joggers in isolated areas are often prey to sex offenders). Running on an exercise machine instead of pavement also reduces risk of knee injury. And don’t forget sun exposure, which causes cancer and aging of the skin.
  • Respiratory health – exercising (and breathing deeply) in the vicinity of motor vehicles is so detrimental to your lungs that you would be better off not exercising at all. A lush, green park in the middle of a city or busy suburb can still be as polluted as a roadside. If you live in an urban area, you might also consider using an air filter to keep  your home cleaner than the outdoors.
  • Regularity – yes, exercise does improve constipation, but what I mean is that you are less likely to procrastinate or skive off when there is no need to prepare or go anywhere for a workout.

Keep reading for suggestions on indoor exercises and economical exercise equipment.

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