About Hausfräulein

Product reviews being very subjective by nature, it is often helpful to know a little of the reviewer and the purposes, circumstances and environment in which a reviewed product is being used.

First of all, these reviews are syndicated directly via RSS from Amazon.com where I wrote them. I live in a very remote location where the closest grocery store is 15 miles away and prices are higher than in most places. I therefore do almost all but my grocery shopping online. Even then, I purchase a good number of grocery items from Amazon.com through the Subscribe & Save program as it often saves me time, money and gas. I am also an Amazon Prime member for the same reason; when I need something for my home or business, I can order it online (often for less cost than buying locally) and have it delivered in 2 business days.

A few details about me

  • I am a single gal in my early 30′s.
  • I live with my sister and 2 dogs.
  • I live in a house and we try to DIY it when we can.
  • I do not have any children.
  • I have a small internet-based business.
  • I try to be frugal where and when I can. Check out my blog on creative frugal living and personal finance.
  • I live in the desert where the weather is generally good – not much rain or snow in winter, but extremely hot in summer.
  • I am a college graduate.
  • I enjoy reading, movies, all sorts of music (playing and listening), studying languages, blogging, and strategy games.

Hopefully the above are enough to give you an idea of how my product reviews might relate to you.

Please remember that a product review is often based on just one person’s experience with one or a few specimens of a particular product, so make sure you read more reviews by other consumers and any information about a product and its manufacturer before purchasing or using. Please check out the Terms of Use page for more details.

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